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What is the classification of sleeve flange?


Sleeve flange is one of the flanges. It's a very common style. The reasonable use of the flanges is very helpful to life. Flanges are not only looped flanges, flanges are also very important. Different flanges have different functions and styles. This time, the manufacturer of zhejiang flanges still comes to say simply what kind of flanges that live flanges have.

Two types of sleeve flanges

There are two kinds of flanges: welded ring flanges and flanged flanges.

1. Assembly of welded ring sleeve flange and pipe. When assembling, first put the flange on the pipe, then put the welding ring on the end of the pipe and weld it with the pipe. The welding methods and requirements of welding rings and pipes are basically the same as those of flat welded flanges and pipes, but the location of screw holes should not be considered.

2. Assembly of flanges and pipes of flanges with flanges of flanges. When assembling, the flange is first put on the pipe, and then a flanging ring is welded on the pipe end, or the flanging is directly carried out at the pipe mouth. The end face of flanging shall be perpendicular to the center line of the pipe, the width of flanging shall meet the requirements, and the surface shall be smooth, straight, without wrinkles, cracks and other damages. Polyvinyl chloride tube flanged. Double in 130 ~ 140 ℃ medium heating pipe end 5 ~ 10 min, make it become soft, then its expansion into a trumpet-shaped, reoccupy is milled flanging pressing, after cooling. Copper pipe flanging, flanging money should draw the flange length, and annealing treatment in order to make the pipe end become soft, then set on the flange capitulum evenly with a small hammer knock, after put into horn, knock the bell with the hammer head flat again can. Lead pipe flanging, lead pipe soft, can use oak or birch hammer directly knock flanging, its method is the same as copper pipe flanging method. Note when assembling the sleeve flange:

1) be sure to put the flange on the pipe, and then turn over the edge or weld ring, otherwise the flange will not be installed, resulting in waste of rework.

2) make sure that the chamfered side of the inner hole of the flange is pressed on the flanged side or welding ring, and do not install reverse;

3) the sealing surface of the welding ring should face out of the pipe mouth, and it should not be reversed.

The sleeve flanges are very effective. The effect of selection is also very good, which is used in many factories nowadays. In fact, there are many kinds of flanges, the above simple description of the two types of flanges. Different styles are used in different ways. Flanges manufacturers will also have plastic transparent flanges, stainless steel flanges, carbon steel flanges provided. The combination works better.


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